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Service Title   


 Basic Cheek art Party-  1hr minimum 2-4 min per face

Standard Birthday            $60/hr

Large Event                      $80/hr-$100 hr

Ask about theme cheek art parties 

Large Events Includes - Corporate, , Schools, Store, Family Reunions, Festivals, Birthday Parties of 50+ ppl

$50 Deposit is required to book all events!

 *Extra fee for Holidays

Airbrush Combo Faces and Tattoos -2hr minimum

Standard Birthday            $ 100/hr

All New Air Brush Henna
Fun For Any Event!!!!!!
Standard fee $100 hr for standard Henna Design
For large designs $115 hour
Add $20 to any event to add standard Henna

Service Title

Air Brush Tattoos Only 2hr mimimum

Standard Birthday           $100/hr
Small Tattoos  3-5 min a person

Medium Tattoos 5-7 min a person

Large Tattoos 10-12 min a person

Service Title

1/4 Face Art Only 4-6min per face 2hr mimimum

Standard Birthday             $90/hr

Full Face $120 Hr 10-15 Per Hour
Half Faces $115 Hr